Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Israel Has the Right to Kill Everyone

by Herman B. Hayes

Any and all who are enemies of the great nation of Israel should be destroyed by whatever means necessary.

I am sure that you have been following the turmoil in the Middle East, and I am sure that you have been rooting for Israel, as God would have you to do. Remember, the Jews were the prototype Christians, and as such they deserve our support. Israel is the nation of God, and He views it in his Holy Wisdom as “Little America”. The situation with Israel and Lebanon is very similar to our situation with the brown-skinned peoples of the word.

Israel has the right to defend herself, even if that means incinerating children with phosphorus bombs.

The Israeli military has been extremely precise in targeting only Hezbollah soldiers and ammunition storage areas. It is not the fault of the Israelis that “innocent civilians” had the audacity to build their homes in Hezbollah controlled areas. I happen to know for a fact that you are required by local building codes to paint a giant “H” on the top of your home if you are a member of Hezbollah. How many huge letters have you seen on Lebanese houses while watching Fox News? If you break the law, you deserve to be shelled and bombed. Not everyone lives in a private home, but do not despair! The forces of Zionism are well within their bounds to attack large apartment complexes, also.

You never know if the guy in 7B, the one with all the cats, has a Katushya rocket pointed at an Israeli border outpost.

How dare these people get in the way of Israeli shrapnel? Those red-hot pieces of metal could have killed a Hezbollah fighter, if only they hadn’t hit a civilian first. The worldwide outcry against Israel is sickening to me. The Lebanese civilians are the problem here. They should have seen past the fact that Hezbollah built them schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, and other vital public services. How dare these civilians act as human sandbags to stop the destruction of Hezbollah?

If you disagree with me, then Israel has the right to kill you, too.

Israel is the only nation on Earth, besides the United States, that has the God given authority to kill anyone that it sees fit. Do not stand in the way of Israel. The Chosen People of God will have no qualms about sending someone to your happy little home to kill you. Israel must defend itself, using any means necessary. There are no innocent people, and no people who are not expendable, when the safety of Israel’s northern border outposts is at stake.

We have your back, Israel. Bring it on.

It would be a good time to sit down, be quiet, and practice being good little brown people, Syria and Iran. We are not going to let you get involved in this playground brawl. You should know that if you make one move towards our Jewish buddies, we will have no choice but to bomb you back to the time of the Crusades.

America will stop at nothing to protect its diminutive little doppelganger, and it would be wise to tuck that one under your turban, Damascus and Tehran.

This is also cross-posted as a Shoutwire Editorial.


At August 08, 2006 9:38 PM, Blogger Blue Gal said...

You leave me speechless because, well, you said it all. I'll bet Lieberman will be knocking on your door for help with his independent campaign! Congratulations!

At August 08, 2006 9:39 PM, Blogger Blue Gal said...

Don't sugarcoat it award. This week. xoxo

At August 08, 2006 10:48 PM, Blogger Herman B. Hayes said...

We never sugar coat it. Never.

At August 08, 2006 11:42 PM, Blogger Blue Gal said...

You don't sugarcoat it, but here's the part you forgot:

"Does the Bible foretell regime change in Iraq? Did God establish Israel's boundaries millennia ago? Is the United Nations a forerunner of a satanic world order? For millions of Americans, the answer to all those questions is a resounding yes.

For many believers in biblical prophecy, the Bush administration's go-it-alone foreign policy, hands-off attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and proposed war on Iraq are not simply actions in the national self-interest or an extension of the war on terrorism, but part of an unfolding divine plan."

At August 09, 2006 9:48 PM, Blogger Russ said...

The paradigm you just outlined leaves out one thing-Jesus said we don't know when the end will come so the Biblical end of time crowd are mostly fakes wanting to cash in with more offerings, if the end is near heck I'm giving my $ to the church. That will lead to the attack of antimacassers and a new zeitgiest.

At August 09, 2006 11:55 PM, Blogger dusty said...

"You never know if the guy in 7B, the one with all the cats, has a Katushya rocket pointed at an Israeli border outpost"
Good lord, I was speechless..and dude..that doesn't happen often.

At August 12, 2006 4:39 PM, Blogger Claire said...

you are totally insane. people like you are just as terrible as people in the middle east. if i had the time to whip out all the history books and create a fantastic retort to your soleley religious based propoganda - which borders on mentally deficient - i would. unfortunately i'm busy contributing to the economy of the united states. what are you doing other than probably getting high on meth you bible thumping crazy. So I will explain to you, instead of using history, what is wrong with you in terms you can understand. Funadmenal truths from the first books of the bible - from the 10 commandments and from the words of Jesus. I could only help that some isreal-like force would kill you and everyone like you - you are an offense to christianity, an offense to anyone who believes in love or brotherhood- an offense to jesus and God. your words are the words of the Devil and those akin to ones in several books of the bible that would have you sent strait to satin's lair. if you are interested in the truth of history, the real reasons why israel should be vindicated, then take a mmoment to read, but beware of preaching as you have - upholding death over brotherhood. your words are composed of sin. you are a sinner, you are the devil's progeny.

At August 12, 2006 5:40 PM, Blogger Herman B. Hayes said...

claire: I see it took you quite a few words to make your idiotic point. Allow my to create a cut-and-paste template for you..."I am a moron." There. Just cut and paste that next time.

At September 27, 2006 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you. You do not understand the world. You should be filled with jesus and he should be filling your heart, but instead you want to kill millions of people. Do you think you are a conquerer? A wise man? No, you're a sad, sad old man. Your patriotism is a conviction that America is better than everyone else only because you're born here. Words strike deeper than swords can, and the written word of jesus shows that as proof. Jesus is the word of God made flesh. You're a nobody in the middle of nowhere and you will always remain impotent. Your words will never change anyone's opinion.I predict your life will only become more sad with time.

At November 06, 2006 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this blog by accident and what I find absolutely ironic about its creators is how similar it is to an Islamist extremist blog. You are both cut from the same cloth.

At January 31, 2007 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious, dude! You had me going for the first few bullet points (I followed Blue Gal's likn here, so send her a thank you) - such is the state of modern right-wing ideology that I could think for a minute that this was straight - but I caught on when you said "If you disagree with me, then Israel has the right to kill you, too". Right up there with Betty Bowers!

At June 22, 2007 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are just a sad piece of shet, idiotic azzhoul.

At April 04, 2008 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you call yourself an American you who does not believe in Democracy and Freedom of Speech, you who staunchly supports an undemocratic segregationist racist Apartheid state called Israel. You are not even a civilized person because of your disrespectful stand stand those who oppose your views. And what is it about the brown-skinned people you racist bigot? I would say that Hitler would definitely appoint you as his own propaganda minister instead of Joseph Goebbels because this what most extremist propagandists preach against others. I think Conservative Christians should disown you and alienate you because of your hurtful comments that are not just harmful to those who disagree with you, but also to the Conservative Christian Movement. And I mean by that those who are moderate conservatives who believe that religion is a manipulative tool to be used for preaching violence or anything like that, but rather a tool of love and harmony that its creed is "God is love not hate". You and the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, James Dobson, Gary Bauer, David Duke, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and her likes, Pat Buchanan, Nathan Tabor, and so on and so forth should leave God alone. And the US should not treat Israel as a special friend, but rather the same as FVrance, England, and the whole EU, countries of Africa, the ME, Latin America, Oceania, Asia and Canada. So stop B.S. and illogical non-sense and demagoguery because it is going to get to nowhere. So wake up until it is too late.

At May 18, 2009 8:28 AM, Anonymous Bibi Nut 'n Yahoo said...

A true philanthropist am I:

Those who obey me need not die!

The rest expire in agony:

Kill only those who disagree! Due honor on their dead to shower,

We'll grind their bones for matzoh flour.

Kill all of those who disagree,

For true philanthropists are we!

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